The Concept

Today, wine consumers are overwhelmed with the amount of wine information, even with the help from wine apps.

Past wine purchases and preferences are hard to remember and are often inaccessible.

Wine consumers believe wine storage is costly and complicated, so wine purchasing is constrained or wine is sometimes forgotten in cardboard boxes in the basement.

Wine Somme founders have experienced all these difficulties and have developed a complete solution eliminating these problems – Your wine playlist™ at your fingertips.

  1. Implementing a mobile application to capture/track wine purchases and preferences,
  2. Integrating order management, tracked consumption and re-ordering with preferred, designated retailers, and
  3. Delivering an easy-to-use wine storage solution for mapping and locating wine.

The Solution

Wine Somme is unique in today’s mobile channel wine market. Wine Somme partners with your preferred retailers to provide a wine playlist™ – your wine purchase information delivered to your smartphone. This makes it quick and easy to locate your wine, track preferences and quickly purchase again when needed from your preferred retailers. And your preferred retailers can now more intimately understand your preferences in order to manage inventory and make recommendations about wines. Combine this with residential storage - you can now easily locate your wine so that it is immediately available for anytime enjoyment.


Key functions are:

  • Wine bottle label, QR and bar-code reading
  • Purchase and label information - price, quantity, varietal, winery, source, etc.
  • Consumer input - tasting notes, storage location and preferences, e.g. like/dislike, buy more, gift/wish list, etc.
  • Integration with affiliated wine retailers’ POS systems for customer and integrated inventory
  • Analytics to identify preferences and make order/re-order recommendations

The overall system is simple, "light" and highly reliable providing an available wine "snapshot" and retrieval of the customer's archived wine history.

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Wine Storage Systems

Storage keeps your wine always available and accessible. With our wine organizer storage application, your wine is always there.

Wine Somme’s mobile storage app maps to your residential storage system. You can easily locate wine and will know when and what to reorder with your preferred retailer. You will never run out or not have the right pairing/selection. No need for waiting around or incurring the expense of delivery on demand.

Don’t have storage now? You can upgrade to our storage app later, and we can help you find a storage system that matches your wine purchase patterns. Storage lets you purchase in volume, capturing case discounts. You now have a place to put it, and organize it. No longer is there any need to store wine in cardboard boxes and search endlessly for a special bottle.

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Wine Retailer Program

wine retailers

Retailer Program Overview

Wine Somme’s overall mission for this mobile application and channel is to increase customers, their loyalty to the retailer’s wine program and overall sales. This mission is embodied in Wine Somme’s retailer contract, now compliant with the Commonwealth of Massachusetts (MA) Alcohol Beverage and Control Commission.

Wine Somme has developed a mobile channel platform and customer analytics system by acquiring wine retailer feedback about the most effective functionality to expand their business. In addition to the wine consumer mobile app features, the retailer mobile channel includes:

  • Landing/splash page with login controls/credentials
  • An available wine “snapshot” and retrieval of the customer’s archived wine history

Our team is currently organizing a launch group located in Massachusetts through our on-going collaboration with the Massachusetts Package Store Association (MassPack). The launch is targeted for 1H 2016 and includes wine-focused retailers, their respective point-of-sale system suppliers, and their current and new customers.

If you are interested in Wine Somme’s unique solution and participating in our launch program, please connect below or through our Contact Form. We look forward to hearing from you all.

Jon Schoonmaker
Co-Founder and Technical Director

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Tracker is Wine Somme's entry level application for the wine consumer newcomer interested in learning more about wine through maintaining an archive or history of their wine “Likes!” or Favorites

$4.99 / application license

  • Acquires all purchased wine information
  • Tracks consumption
  • Builds next purchase list
  • Maintains preferred retailers


Track and Store is Wine Somme’s full function application for the wine consumer enthusiast interested in expanding their wine knowledge through volume purchasing, always available wine in storage, Quick-Locater, and maintaining an archive or history of their wine “Likes!” or Favorites

$9.99 / application license

  • Acquires all purchased wine information
  • Tracks consumption
  • Configures storage locations
  • Quickly locates searched/selected wines
  • Notifies drink-by dates for selected wines
  • Builds Next Purchase list
  • Maintains preferred retailers